India Pak together in military exercise – EX-TSENTR

Military exercise in Russia.

What is a military exercise??

  • A military exercise happens between two countries or among multiple countries to enhance counter terrorism operations. They practice to coordinate and work together in case they have to perform together in future to do some offensive operations.
  • Another advantage of these military exercises is ‘strategic signaling’.A joint exercise with one or more nations serves the purpose of signaling to a third country of the influence we have in the region and a demonstration of our resolve to further our diplomatic objectives.

What is EX-TSENTR 2019???

  • Armies of India and Pakistan will take part in this year’s military exercise TSENTR 2019 that will be conducted by Russia from Sept. 9 to 23 2019.
  • This will be the first time that forces from India and Pakistan will participate in multilateral exercise together since airstrikes conducted by Indian Air Force, deep in Pakistan’s Balakot district in Feb. 2019.
  • For India 22 Grenadiers (Ashoka Chakra Paltan) will be representing India.

22 Grenadiers

Is TSENTR a place??

  • No, It’s just the Russian word resembling the English word Centre.

Have IND and PAK met before in military exercise??

  • Earlier army of India and Pak had met last year as a part of military exercise conducted by Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) also held in Russia.

How many participants are there in this exercise??

  • This year it will be conducted by central military commission of Russia at Donguz training ranges, Orenburg, Russia.
  • Apart from host Russia, military contingent from China, Tajikistan, India, Kirgizstan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan will also take part in mega event.

Is it a sudden call for exercise??

  • No, this obviously isn’t sudden. Russia holds a military exercise every year at one of its four military commands i.e. Vostok(East), Zapad(West), Tsentr(Centre) and Kavkas(South).

Why Russia organizing this??

  • Since the tensions began to escalate between USA and Russia these annual exercise have slowly begun taking an international character.
  • Russia is basically showing the world that it has got backing of powerful countries.
  • In ZAPAD-2017 It called its neighboring country Belarus for the exercise.
  • In VOSTOK-2018 It invited China and Mongolia.
  • This year, invitations have been extended to nine countries out of which four countries having nuclear weapons.


VOSTOK-2018Why Russia needs this kind of support in the Eurasian region??

  • Russian economy is not performing well and US sanctions hasn’t help the cause.
  • It is facing a major security threat as US has increased its defense expenditure. So Russia fears a military confrontation. 
  • So it is trying to get a pact signed among itself, India, China and if possible Pakistan just like NATO countries.

Obstacles to this pact??

  • India’s relation with USA is a quite friendly and she would not want any tensions with the USA.
  • India is not able solve its differences with China.

Future exercise??

  • Ex- KAVKAS is schedule to happen in 2020. The whole world has its eye set on this exercise. It would be interesting if any outcome comes out of here.

That’s all for this time. Will be back soon with another interesting topic.

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    1. @shikha Unfortunately right now this much information is available. Once it gets concluded on September 23, there might come some outcome if any outcome comes we will surely update.

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