Why recently in news??

  1. The wing commander Abhinandan incident.
  2. A mig-21 jet of IAF crashed in Shoba Sar Ki Dhani area in Rajasthan’s Bikaner district.
Iaf Mig Crash

Mig-21 (Mikoyan-Gurevich) and the Indian Air Force

  • India received its first mig-21s in 1963 bought from Soviet Union.
  • In 1964, the mig-21 became the first supersonic fighter jet to be inducted in the IAF.
  • One year later, the 1965 Indo-Pak war happened. But mig-21 did not play much role because of lack of pilot training.

1971 Indo-Pak war

  • In 1971 war the Mig-21 played a crucial role and claimed around 8 aircrafts of the Pakistan Air Force.
  • The main battle between IAF’s Mig-21 and PAF’s F-104 starfighter was clearly won by Mig-21.
Mig 21 in 1971.


  • After its exceptional performance in the 1971 war, several countries including Iraq approached India for Mig-21 pilot training.
  • IAF trained more than 120 Iraqi pilots for the Mig-21.

1999 Kargil War

  • The IAF did not primarily used Mig-21s in the war because they had become too old by that time.

An interesting case: 1999 Pak Navy Interception

  • On Aug10, 1999 a Pak Navy aircraft was intercepted by two mig-21s over the Rann of Kutch & shot down.
  • This incident happened a few weeks after the Kargil war. This attack killed all 15 pak navy personnels present in the aircraft.


  • They were to retire by 1990s but were upgraded to Bison standard.
  • India in the 1990s was not that much economically strong and hence could not buy new aircrafts for the IAF.
  • Approximately 60 countries have flown the Mig-21.
  • India is the last country in the world with a serious air force still using mig-21s.

The Flying Coffin

  • India bought around 872 Mig-21 aircraft and out of which 482 aircrafts crashed in which half of them crashed during landing between 1971 and April 2012 as quoted by former Indian defence minister A.k. Antony.
  • In these accidents around 171 pilots, 39 civilians and 8 other persons from other services died.
  • Till now around 190+ pilots have died.
The flying Coffin

Why the IAF still using it??

  • The total strength of the Indian Air Force is 42 squadrons and each squadron consists of 16-18 aircrafts.
  • Presently the IAF has only 31 squadrons i.e. a shortage of 11 squadrons or 176-198 jets.
  • That’s why mig-21 is still used. It is scheduled to be retired in 2021-22.

Major political flaw!!!

  • Since 2005, India was not that much economically weaker but it was a major flaw of the govt. that it was not their top priority to buy latest fighter jets.
  • In coming elections while casting votes the voters should focus on the agenda of political parties and which political party is willing to buy new fighter jets quickly and corruption free.

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