• India is the world’s largest military hardware importer and among top five military spenders.
  • To meet modern requirements our defence tools need to be upgraded. In that case either we have to buy or to make them indigenously.
  • To buy is not a good option for a long run.
  • So the Indian govt. calculated all the expenses and found that to meet growing modernization needs of Indian Armed forces, Ministry of defence will need to acquire equipments worth $25000 crore by 2027. Mark it its dollar not rupees.
  • If we buy these products directly from foreign companies then most of the money will go in foreign.
  • That’s why the govt. has marked the ratio of imported to indigenous equipment at 30:70.
  • To achieve the aspirational target of manufacturing 70% of Defence Equipment indigenously, it is needed to incentivize private enterprise for development of large scale R&D and manufacturing capabilities.
  • This will also result in lakhs of jobs.

Two Corridors are made for indigenously developing defence equipments:

  1. a) Uttar Pradesh Defence Corridor
  2. b) Tamil Nadu Defence Corridor
Up Defence corridor
Tamil Nadu Defence corridor

Why Ak-203??

  • Since 2008-09, Indian soldiers are complaining about their Rifles.
  • Even during the 1999 Kargil War, soldiers had complained of INSAS guns jamming or magazine cracking during the combat operation in freezing temperatures.
  • Ak-203 can hold 30 bullets.
  • Range-400m
  • Considered to be 100% accurate.
  • Lighter and shorter than an INSAS Rifle.


Insas Rifle

Where to be manufactured?

The Ak-203 rifle, will soon be manufactured in Korwa area of Amethi after Pm Modi laid the foundation stone.

How  many units??

The project in collaboration with Russia. Around 7.5 lakhs units will be manufactured.

Which companies involved?

It is India and Russia joint venture.

Indian Company: Ordnance Factory Board (50.5%) stake

Russian Company: 1. Kalshnikov (42%) stake – The Company which makes Ak


  1. Russian state owned export agency – Rosbornoexport, owning the remaining 7.5% stake.

They have formed a company named : Indo Russian Rifles pvt. ltd.

Why a Russian govt. (export) organization involve?

Russia is eyeing this venture for a long run. They are targeting all the South Asian countries through India but their primary goal is to provide rifles to the Indian Armed Forces.

So, by doing this deal India is aiming to achieve two targets with single action and this deal will benefit India in many things.

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