What is CRPF?

The Central Reserved Police Force(CRPF) came into existence as Crown Representative’s Police on 27th July, 1939. It became the CRPF on enactment of the CRPF Act on 28th December, 1949. The mission of the CRPF shall be to enable the government to maintain rule of law, public order and internal security effectively and efficiently, to preserve National Integrity and promote social harmony and Development by upholding supermacy of the constitution.

 CRPF, the force which is probably best in crowd management whether it is elections or political rallies they control the mob abiding by the law. They maintain law and order abiding by the Constitution and moreover are the backbone of Kashmir. When they operate in Kashmir they have to face many critical and horrible situations but they have been doing this for years with full dedication.

What kind of situations they face in Kashmir?

To understand how they operate we need to know about the problems they face in Kashmir. A soldier’s day begins at 2 or 3 in the morning. Then they have to go to the directed place. We, often, sitting on home complain about 8-10 hours of office work but when a CRPF soldier goes out at 2 or 3 a.m. he needs to be there till 10 or 11 p.m. Sometimes they have to do 24 hours duty to protect Kashmir of any mishaps.

When they are on the road guarding, they don’t know who will start stone pelting from a group of 1000 and in a matter of few minutes the number increases from 1 to 300 shouting “Hame kya chahiye?”, “Azadi”(“What do we want”,”freedom”). Shouting “Go back India”. The CRPF soldiers don’t know from those group of 300 who is a terrorist and will start bombing. Adding to the misery, the soldiers can’t retaliate. Formerly they were given pellet guns to control but because of some so called Human Rights Activists who feel pain when the terrorist get hit but hibernate when the soldiers get hit, the soldiers are now given rubber bullets and tear gas only. Now a new chant is always heard “Andha to kar doge hame par azadi kaise rokoge”(You will make us blind but how will you stop us from getting freedom).

What scenes do we often see??

We often see the following scenes on our TV: the stone pelters kicking and humiliating the soldiers and soldiers with a gun in their hand can’t react. The vehicles of CRPF being attacked by the stone pelters, still the soldiers display ultimate calmness and treat them like humans. Sometimes when the forces react the stone pelters fall in nearby ponds who can’t swim then the soldiers at which they were throwing stones jump in the ponds and save their lives but again on the next day the same people will come back and attack the soldiers.

The effect of stones, the pain felt by a person when being hit by a stone is not less than a bullet. Everyday some soldiers get injured while some get so severely injured that they could not join their duty again. We can’t even imagine ourselves at their places because if someone just slap a bit we are ready to go on a full frontal war with him But the CRPF soldiers everyday handle these crunch situations without complaining.

Stone Pelters throwing stone on CRPF
Crpf dealing with stone pelters

What recently happened?

February 14, 2019, a black day on which, 44 CRPF soldiers got martyred in no time. It was a suicidal attack, the terrorist who attacked, Adil Ahmad Dar, was just 21 years old working for terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed. It’s worldwide known that Pakistan supports these terrorist organizations and they are home to these types of organizations.

Pakistan funds the separatist leaders and tries to brainwash the Kashmiri youth in Kashmir. Often in the rallies of these separatist leaders Pakistani flag is seen and the chants “Pakistan Zindabad”(Long Live Pakistan) is always heard. Now it’s time to react sternly and give a befitting reply to Pakistan. Countries need to unite and have to collectively fight against terrorists and the countries which fund them.

The 44 CRPF soldiers martyred without having an opportunity to defend themselves. Their soul would be happier had they got martyred fighting till the last breath. Now it’s time to find the traitors sitting and eating in our home but speaking of Pakistan and punish them. The CRPF & the army need to be given full freedom to operate and eliminate those who are living In India but fighting for Pakistan.

The neighboring country is trying to divide us but we need to be united and fight collectively against these dirty elements. In these conditions the CRPF soldiers do their job without complaining and protecting our lives without having a second thought.

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